Sea Kayaking in the Fjallbacka Archipelago in West Sweden September 2012 OAS

January 7, 2015 Off By Peter Carol

I have wanted to sea kayak in Sweden for several years and in 2012 the Outdoor Academy of Sweden gave me my chance, here is my trip report.

I flew into Gothenburg to meet the Smiling OAS team, All loaded on to the coach we went off to visit some tourist attractions, the first some ancient rock carvings of boats and people, a world heritage site.

Prehistoric Carvings near Gothenburg

A japanese temple in the middle of Sweden

The next stop was on a hill overlooking the sea, artefacts from all over the world including a temple imported from Japan and other interesting oddities.

The view from our hotel room

Next we arrived at our hotel in Fjallbacka with a room by the marina, I got to share with Raphael Kuner, another canoe coach and Tentipi Dealer from Germany.

Kit issue for the sea kayaking trip

The following day was kit issue and training.

Kit was provided by Primus, Realeat, Point 65 North Kayaks and Didrikssons Clothing

Kit issue, Peak UK Creek Drysuits

Our guide, Tim Ekstam from Nautopp kitted us out with Peak UK Dry Suits.

Sea kayaking safety briefing

When we were all packed and ready to go

Ready to launch

Rafael Tuner of Raff Taff


We headed North and West threading through the granite islands and nature reserves of the Fjallbacka Archipelago. With gentle tides and lots of shelter, the kayaking was still fun for all including beginners when the weather had it’s windier moments, the biggest hazard being power boats in the one “busy” stretch of waterway.

A sea kayaker with pink granite island in the background off western sweden

Almost all houses in Sweden are painted this gorgeous red colour, it is made from a pigment from one quarry

Our first stop

Our First Lunch Stop

Ingmar Bergmans House in the Fjallbacka Archipelago

Ingrid Bergmans House in the Fjallbacka Archipelago

Enjoying the slow tides in Sweden Sea Kayaking

Enjoying the slow tides

Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock

A Tentipi Island Camp Site in the Western Archipelago in Sweden

A Tentipi Island Camp Site in the Western Archipelago in Sweden

Enjoying a view over the Fallback Archipelago

Enjoying a view over the Fallback Archipelago

Sunny blue skies on the sea

Sea Kayaking Lunch Break

Oyster picking by kayak

Oyster picking by kayak

Camped by the beach


We spent three days paddling in the Archipelago, and I for one would have loved to get out to out islands, but weather and group ability held us back. As ever it was a great trip with retailers from all over Europe, great kit from the sponsors, professional guides for the sea kayaking and experts in our groups from the equipment manufacturers.

Patrick of Tentipi Tending the Fire in a Tentipi Safir 9 in Fjallbacka

Patrick of Tentipi Tending the Fire in a Tentipi Safir 9 in Fjallbacka

After the trip we had an afternoon of product training from the sponsors.

Nigel Foster Demonstrating the Point 65 North Whisky 16

Nigel Foster Demonstrating the Point 65 North Whisky 16



Then off to Norden’s Ark Zoo for our last night of accommodation, a night time tour of the zoo and a celebratory dinner, quiz and presentations in the zoo’s Wolf House.A Tiger at Nordens Ark Zoo

A celebratory Dinner in the Norden's Ark Zoo Wolf House

A celebratory Dinner in the Norden’s Ark Zoo Wolf House

Dinner was served by candlelight with wolves patrolling directly outside the window.

Helan Gar Lyrics

Helan Gar Lyrics

Local beers and Snaps were served, but in Sweden if you wish to drink the snaps you must sing for it,  The song sheet for songs including Nu Tar Vi Den, Humlesangen and Hell and Gore are in the picture above.


Peter Carol's Third Outdoor Ambassador of Sweden Certificate 2012

My third OAS certificate, read about my Swedish Snowshoeing Trip Here.

If you want to know more about paddling in the Fjallbacka, West Sweden Area please leave a comment below. We can organise guided trips for you with the help of our Swedish Contacts.


Background information

This coast – known as the Bohuslän region – stretches from Gothenburg up to the Norwegian border. 8 000 islands of solid granite and hundreds of picturesque fishing villages make this coastline one of the best maritime outdoor regions in the world.

There’s no tide to worry about, short northern summer nights (almost 24 h daylight), the Gulf current feeding clean warm water, the unique Swedish Law of public access to nature – which makes it possible to put up your tent practically wherever you want – and wonderful sea kayaking opportunities – making it a paradise on earth.

Peter stayed Tanumstrand, when not camped on a granite island.

In total there are about 30 different companies offering kayak rental, coaching and tours along the coast from Gothenburg to the Norweigan border. During the 2012 Outdoor Academy in Bohuslän Kajak in Grundsund and three other guiding companies helped the visiting journalists, tour operators and retailers to find their way around the islands.

Nautopp in Lysekil arranges everything from daytrips to kayaking with spa and winter kayaking. Most of the 400-500 yearly customers come from Sweden, but more and more Danes and some Brits are finding their way to the outfit.

Green Adventures offers everything from introduction courses to guided trips for experienced kayaking enthusiasts.