ProAdventure Staff Training May 2013 – Lighting Fires, splitting wood and Pitching Tents

January 7, 2015 Off By Peter Carol



As often as we can we the ProAdventure Shop out into the outdoors to learn more about the equipment we sell. This trip was just a few miles away from our shop in Llangollen at Coed Y Glyn on the banks of the Dee, where we spent time chopping wood with our Gransfors Axes, Lighting fires and feeding of the tasty camping food we stock in our shop.

Lighting the fire in the roundhouse at Coed y Glyn


Coed Y Glyn has a lovely rustic roundhouse with a fire place where we practiced different fire lighting skills with knives and tinder, favourites  were the Light My Fire Fire Knife, Tinder Card and Tinder Tabs.

Laying a fire with feather sticks and tinder tabs

Feather sticks are made by shaving split dry wood with a bushcraft knife to make a great fire lighter, four or five does a great job of getting your fire started.

Lighting a fire with feather sticks and using some of the wood to reflect heat back into the fire

If you shape your fire so that you have a bed of dry wood to start on and use some wood to reflect the heat back into the fire it makes camp fire lighting easier and more reliable.

Tim lighting fires

With fire by friction a small ember is produced, carefully wrapped in tinder and gently blown, this tinder bundle soon becomes too hot to handle, and will set light to your kindling easily.

Daisy, our youngest member of staff lighting tinder with an ember and a good blow

After splitting wood with our Gransfors axes, lighting fires, and eating a good meal of camping food we enjoyed the camp fire before bed, settling down in Our Tentipi tents for a good nights sleep.

Campfire in the Dark