Coleman brilliance comes as standard

August 18, 2016 Off By ProAdventure

In 1901, a young man with a great idea began manufacturing lanterns in Wichita, Kansas. Over 100 years and more than 50 million lanterns later, the Coleman brand has constantly innovated and evolved, changing the way that people enjoy the outdoors.

Each year Coleman creates a range of innovative products, introducing new categories that will inspire you to explore your outdoors. Whether you enjoy relaxing with friends and family outdoors or your personal passion is exploring the Arctic in freezing conditions, their product range will have the correct tools to support your individual adventure. A brand you can trust, it’s a trust that’s been earned over the last 100 years and it’s a virtue that has stayed with Coleman through generations thanks to their commitment to delivering the highest quality products.

In 1991, 90 years after the launch of the first Coleman lantern, ProAdventure, the outdoor equipment specialists, began trading in Llangollen, Wales. That was the year when gale force winds ravaged Britain followed by a prolonged cold snap, the M40 was completed, Asda and Tesco first opened on Sundays, Gulf War 1 fighting began and ended, Helen Sharman became the first British woman in space, and Tim Berners-Lee introduced the worldwideweb (shortly followed by the first website going online).

Now 25 years on, ProAdventure still provide great customer service combined with an excellent range of outdoor equipment. They use what they sell, so know their products inside-out and have become the outdoor equipment specialists you can trust.

Part of their new range is the Coleman Northstar Lantern. It runs on both Coleman fuel and unleaded petrol, meaning you can rely on it when travelling even in the remotest areas. It’s reliable, durable and easy to use; much like ProAdventure.

Specifications: Power – 220W. Piezo ignition. Runs up to seven hours (with one bottle of Coleman fuel). Dimensions – 36cm x 15cm. Weight – 1.8kg.

As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, you can count on a Coleman lantern to brighten the night.