Maier Sports – Walking Trousers that Fit Women

March 23, 2018 Off By ProAdventure

The Maier Sports Outdoor Collection has been designed for those who love nature; made with perfect cuts for a perfect fit so you can enjoy the sun, wind, rain, grass, woods or mountains in comfort. Maier Sports make walking trousers that fit women of different heights and shapes, tall, short, average, curvy and slim with a full height waist.

Maier sports trousers in actionYou need functional clothing to do all that and protect yourself from adverse conditions; and clothing functionality begins with a perfect fit, because only an item that fits perfectly can function perfectly.

German clothing manufacturers Maier Sports have established their reputation over the years on the ability to provide the perfect fit, and it is the basic requirement which each new product they produce must meet.

The Maier standard sizes fit most people but the graduation between the sizes has continually been adjusted over the years resulting in their own calculated size system, which takes into account people’s different heights, weights, body sizes and shapes.

Maier Sports offer up to 61 different sizes in both men’s and women’s trousers so whether you are tall, short, round or slim there is a pair of trousers to fit. The classic sizes are significantly more specific than the normal sizes of Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Maier normal sizes range for men from 46 to 68 and 34 to 52 for women. With a range like this Maier Sports trousers are suitable for a huge number of customers with various leg lengths and waist sizes. Maier Sports sizing is based on measurements and fitting of real people who wear walking and travelling trousers.

Their trousers are available in up to 36 different men’s and 25 different women’s sizes, cuts and styles. They come in normal, long and short sizes so everyone can find their perfect item of clothing.

For customers who aren’t so tall they offer special short sizes where the trouser legs are cut a little shorter in respect to the overall proportions. Taller customers are also catered for with the long sizes where the leg length is adapted to the body size.

Slim people too frequently find a perfect waist size fit has trouser leg length too short, so in comparison to the waist size, require longer trouser legs.

Along with the Maier Perfect Fit Promise, they offer a Maier five year guarantee, a PFC free finish and are members of the Fair Wear Foundation.

And the long and short of it is, a selection of Maier Sports trousers can be had from ProAdventure. We have chosen to stock Maier Sports trousers due to the large number of people (especially women) who find it hard to obtain outdoor trousers to properly fit. Ideally come in and try a pair on, then you will know your ‘Maier size.’ We can then order in different styles and different colours for you once you know your size.