Being a Part of the Pro(adventure) Team

Being a Part of the Pro(adventure) Team

April 24, 2017 Off By Honesty Cooper

ProAdventure – an independent like no other, which over the last seven months has provided growth, experience and insight. Les and Pete have grown their business into a culture to be proud of, and as cliché at is sounds I feel lucky to have been accepted in to the ProAdventure family and to have grown as a result.

Having worked in a number of outdoor organisations for the last 4 years, it was refreshing to come in to ProAdventure, to see that quality, functionality and satisfaction are always top priority. As a member of the team you have a strong say in the products that are brought in and the progression that the company takes – you can really make a difference.
Other gear freaks and kit enthusiasts will sympathise that one of the biggest perks of a job in an outdoor store is the products you get to play with before they’re in the customer’s hands. At ProAdventure, product testing and research is encouraged and its great to see first hand, how enthusiastic people are about the brands and the items we love. From bushcraft enthusiasts excitedly telling you of their latest project, to family browsers looking for a bit of shelter from the rain, the customers you get to meet bring life and variety, making each day in the job a little bit different.

Axe advice, Tentipi Demos & Gatherings, product care and maintenance – Les and Pete get the team involved in all aspects of what ProAdventure has to offer and as bizarre as it may be, helping out with a Tentipi Demo in December in a muddy field with cold hands is definitely a brilliant perk, allowing you to show off what we do and what we’re so passionate about. With such a plethora of unique kit in store, customers are as much the teachers as we are sometimes and it is lovely to hear their animated feedback as our regulars come back for more.

It is easy to speak praises ten times over, being one of the team but as the old saying goes, you don’t truly appreciate how good something is until its gone and as I move on to pastures new, I wonder how any future outdoor gear store I find myself in will meet the standards in which ProAdventure has instilled.

This is my parting view of the team and the culture Les and Pete have crafted over the years, into what it is now, but don’t take my word for it, come and see for yourself! But be warned, it is very easy to get comfortable in the ProAdventure way of life.