Petromax Griddle & Fire Bowl

March 17, 2017 Off By ProAdventure

The Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl is the perfect solution to both cooking and heating around a campfire. The two in one griddle and fire bowl is made of stainless steel and allows a campfire to be lit in the fire bowl without causing damage the ground. Or the griddle can be positioned over an open fire on its three 23cm pillars in order to prepare outdoor meals.

A delicious grilled feast or a juicy fry-up followed by a cosy campfire is all possible with the all-rounder steel griddle and fire bowl combo. With the 38cm diameter fire bowl you can prepare meals for up to three people, and there are larger versions available at 48cm and 56cm.

With the three pillars, the griddle and fire bowl will stand steadily over an open fire. The main highlight of the design is that the centre of the griddle becomes hotter than the edge, so you can keep steaks and bakery produce etc. heated or slow cooked while vegetables are still frying in the middle.

Before using the griddle for the first time it must be seasoned so that a patina forms after each use, making it naturally non-stick. Once it has been seasoned, the griddle becomes hot very quickly and you can begin grilling straight away.

The fire bowl is not bulky – the 23cm long pillars can be unscrewed and the griddle packed away in bespoke Petromax bags, also available, for easy transport. The Petromax griddle and fire bowl allows you to enjoy the crackling of burning wood logs and blazing flames under a night sky, along with hot delicious food served up outdoors, the easy way.

All three Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl sizes, along with the transport bags, are now available from ProAdventure. You just supply the ingredients.