Become your own outdoor Barista with ProAdventure

June 19, 2016 Off By ProAdventure

coffeeoTo most people, coffee is a means to keep you awake when you need to sleep. To others, it is simply a pleasure, although coffee is too broad a term to be used without some qualification. There are many different types of coffee, made in different ways, from different bean products and with different delivery methods, like instant coffees, the coffee from coffee machines, Turkish coffee, espresso, drip filter, cold press and more.

But if you like coffee, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to prepare that perfect brew while outdoors. Missing your mocha? Lost without your latte? Crying out for a cappuccino? If you’re a serious coffee lover then you enjoy a cuppa wherever you are. Even in the middle of nowhere it’s now possible to get the brew-up you desire – you can roast over the campfire, grind by hand, froth your milk in a JavaPress or make fresh espresso with a good crema using a Handpresso or Minipresso device.

Coffee lovers can select the brewing machine that matches their preference as each has its own pros and cons and gives the person varying control over the end result. Operating these is pretty easy and maintenance is often quite convenient. These are highly efficient in making a great cup allowing you to brew fresh coffee in your home, office or any other place.

AeroPress coffee makers are manually operated and anyone can use them with ease. Thy are economical as well, because making one cup at a time saves you time and money. It also reduces wastage of the ingredients.

Also, being compact in size, these are portable and can be taken along while travelling so are ideal for brewing coffee on the go. At ProAdventure we stock coffee making equipment from AeroPress, GSI, Minipresso and Jetboil.

GSI Outdoors produce our favourite choice of quality coffee making and cooking kit for the outdoors, and from the Java Grind to the Espresso pots – we just love their high quality kit.

Minipresso is the latest outdoor espresso machine, more compact and lighter than the Handpresso, again using 7 grams of espresso ground coffee, it produces a good espresso with a great crema.

Jetboil is a country cooking system perfect for outdoor survival and bush craft. Massively popular, it’s light and easy to use with a very fast boil time – perfect for when you need a coffee Right Now!

If you want to bring freshness into your life, then don’t miss taking a sip of the best quality coffee made in a portable coffee maker. At ProAdventure we’re celebrating our 25th Anniversary year – with a really nice brew!