Why I choose Gransfors Bruks Axes – a brand review

December 16, 2014 Off By Peter Carol

There’s a lot of thought that goes into what we choose to stock in the shop, and we don’t start with commercial concerns. Recommendation and customer requests are way up there in the decision making process, along with the people we deal with. Adam, Daniel and Gabriel are the people behind this Great Swedish brand and Gabriels approach is superb. He wanted to create the best, and to do it morally, honestly and responsibly.

Every axe is made by a craftsman or woman, proud to stamp their initials into the top quality recycled steel of every Gransfors axe.

The wooden shafts are chosen from the best quality American hickory, because it is the best for the job.

Every Gransfors Bruks axe has the blade ground to a fantastic edge, even splitters are sharp enough to shave the hairs off your arm, and that edge can be resharpened by hand again and again to an edge sharper than most knives.

Each head is guaranteed for 20 years and the customer service is brilliant, we have sold thousands over the last few years and the few faults that have come up have been dealt with speedily and without a quibble by Gransfors.

I own four of these, a small forest axe, wildlife hatchet and small splitting hatchet, all superb at the job they are designed for, and capable for other work.

The customer feed back is excellent as references by a small random selection of  our customers reviews,

“The axe is a thing of beauty and looks like it will last a lifetime!”

“Quality quality and quality.”

“I have had one of these for 3 years and every one who uses it always comments on what a great product it is. this one is a gift”

“Brilliant product very well made, it is a credit to the craftsmen and the company.”

We carry what is probably the biggest selection of Gransfors Axes in the UK, so choose yours from our online Gransfors Bruks axe shop for a lifetime of pleasure

In summary a superb product, a tool for life and with spare sheathes and handles available what more could you want from an axe?

I whole heartedly recommend Gransfors Bruks Axes and wouldn’t choose another brand myself.

Peter Carol