Thinking outside the pizza box.

March 1, 2017 Off By ProAdventure

The wood-fired oven for the 21st century is the remarkable Uuni 3, the latest model from the award-winning wood-fired oven company.

The Uuni 3 is great for all sorts of foods from steaks to fish and roast vegetables to desserts, but it is as a pizza oven that it really stands out.

The Uuni 3 can reach 932˚F/500˚C in just 10 minutes from lighting (that’s double your domestic oven), and bake genuine Neapolitan pizzas in only 60 seconds. It also adds that authentic wood-fired flavour to your creations.

The new model comes with the addition of a stone baking board to help create perfect pizzas and a multitude of other dishes in the home or outdoors.

In was in 2011 that Finnish-born Kristian Tapaninaho, the inventor of Uuni, designed his own small, portable, cost-effective wood-fired oven. Although not an inventor, engineer or product designer, his great idea went one step further after a series of sketches, a number of prototypes, and onsite backyard testing.

Uuni (pronounced ‘ooo-nee’ and meaning ‘oven’ in Finnish) produces delicious and authentic wood-fired flavours to create the ideal meal anytime, anywhere – a unique, easy, fast, fun and sociable way to cook.

Product components include the stone board which fits neatly inside the Uuni 3, and is custom-made from durable cordierite stone to quickly heat to the ideal temperature for the perfect pizza crust, roasted vegetables, meats and more. The Uuni 3 includes the innovative ‘Flame Keeper’ feature, which enables the oven to remain at a high temperature whilst reducing the amount of fuel required; and runs on sustainable wood pellets for that truly authentic taste.

The Uuni 3 will is now available from ProAdventure so when you’re planning your outdoor activities or walking trips this year, think outside the pizza box and enjoy pizza alfresco wherever you set up camp. Just don’t forget to bring the grated cheese.