Tentipi Nordic Tipi Tent Camping Top Tips

October 11, 2016 Off By Peter Carol
ProAdventure has been selling and using Tentipi Tents for over 10 years now. Along with our own camping experience we have gathered Tentipi tips from our customers, in the shop, over the phone and at our Tipi Camps.
Here are some of the best ideas. We will add to the list as time goes on. Please add your tips in the comments section.
Peter and Lesley

Leather Floor Protector
1. Hiya,
I thought you would be interested in an innovation we’ve made in the Tentipi we got from you. Because the kids run everywhere and the grass we camp on is often long and wet we’ve created a hearth rug to go under the stove to prevent scorch burns in the groundsheet. A friend of mine is a cobbler and she cut out this lovely piece of leather for us. Leather is such a good material for flying embers etc it works perfectly! See attached photo.
We totally love the Tentipi – we’ve used it so much more than our old tent because it is so much easier to put up and down, and because we can make it so so warm and cosy.
Kathy, Richard, Ted and Lily
Byron's Tipi Packing Method
2. Byron, from Northspar has a great way to pack his Safir 15, he packs it into the floor, to keep things as dry as possible, and he always knows where the door is when he unrolls the tipi, so saving hassle with getting the door facing in the right direction.
Tentipi Storm Cords

Keep your storm cords within reach, and ideally in focus.

3. When I find the top storm guy difficult to reach, particularly on the Safir and Zirkon 9 Tentipi I store both the top and bottom storm guy on the bottom elastic. (Tentipi have lowered the guying points on newer Nordic Tipis.
4. Pack your storm guys upwards into the elastics, so when you naturally pull down to peg them out they won’t tangle in the elastic.
5. If you have forgotten to close your stove pipe hole, the tipi is up and guyed, and you don’t want the hassle of taking it down again, a handy tool is the bare end of a king pole, with the little spring poking out. It makes it easy to close the velcro at the top of the tipi.
6. On a hot day open the top and bottom vents and the door, the temperature inside your tipi will drop dramatically.
7. If you find it hard to close the door, move the pegs either side of the door a little closer together.
Improvised peg puller

Improvised peg puller

8. Use a peg through the string on the peg you are pulling out of the ground and it will save your hands.
A very comfortable camp bed

A very comfortable camp bed

9. Robens Oupost Camping Beds are comfortable, with room underneath to stow your kit, it’s warmer off the ground too.
10. Use a heat powered stove fan on top of your Tentipi Eldfell stove, you will probably need a trivet too to stop the fan getting too hot. This will distribute the heat more evenly in Your Tentipi.
Tentipi measuring ribbon

Tentipi measuring ribbon

11. If you lose the Tentipi measuring cord/ string/ ribbon for setting out your pegs the the length from the centre to the pegs are the following,
Tentipi size 5     205cm
Tentipi size 7     230cm
Tentipi size 9     275cm
Tentipi size 15   300cm
12. Always use a Tentipi pole plate! It makes life easier when setting up your tentipi, and the pole won’t sink in soft ground or snow.
The Tentipi Pole Plate, both sides
The lines for the Zirkon and Safir models are not completely symmetrical, here’s the official explanation from Patrik at Tentipi,

“Why it is made like that is to start moving the tent stakes a bit inwards to loose tension on the door already from the back of the tent to get a smother balance then just move the stakes next to the door a lot inwards.With this system you don’t need to move the stakes on the sides of the door since it is already done with all the other stakes.

Tell your customers to use the mountain cross according to the instructions, if you do the problem with broken zippers will more or less disappear.

It is the reinforcement edge that create the tensions so the Onyx cp is not really a problem therefor they still have the old system on the back of the mounting cross/pole plate”

Tentipi snow stake with cord

Tentipi snow stake with cord

13. When using Tentipi snow stakes in soft snow dig a horizontal pit for the peg, compact the snow with your boots and leave to set for half an hour before loading. Put a couple of metres of 3mm accessory cord in a look on each stake then it is easy to attach your buried stakes to your tipi.

Tentipi spares and accessories

14. When you need Tentipi spares and accessories let us know, we carry fibre glass rods, poles, pegs, fabric, proofer, seam proofer, measuring ribbons, porch and tarp adapters, a chimney, zips and ground straps.
15. When folding your Tentipi nordic tipi be careful of the fibreglass rods, I usually pull them out into a straight line then fold in half and roll them in the fabric a little before rolling the tipi around the poles.
16. I always zip open the floor at the door of my Tentipi so that I can step in on the grass and take my shoes off without getting the floor wet, it also means rain coming in as you enter the tipi soaks into the grass and doesn’t lie on the floor.
Please let us know if you have any Tentipi tips in the comments section below. If you need advice call us on 01978 860605 or ask for help in the Tentipi User Group on Facebook.
Pete & Lesley