The New Age of Outdoor Legwear

The New Age of Outdoor Legwear

February 11, 2017 Off By Honesty Cooper

One of the most common questions I get asked from women starting out walking or even more experienced walkers is ‘why can I never find walking trousers that fit?’. Whilst women are defining their own realms of greatness in the outdoors, outdoor clothing can sometimes feel a little slow on the catch up. For years I have had to apologise to women of all shapes and sizes for the lack of comfortable outdoor trousers, whether it be for climbing, walking, travel or just enjoying the outdoors in style. However, a revolution is happening but is it here to stay?

Leggings – not the baggy, see-through things that you might be used to seeing on the high street, but comfortable, wide waistband-ed, breathable running and trekking leggings. With high quality, well respected brands in the outdoor industry beginning to produce comfortable yet durable alternatives to the traditional walking trousers I decided to see what real women really think. I’ve been in touch with some everyday, yet awesomely adventurous ladies who are active in the outdoors, to see what they think, and what they recommend.

Rachael Middleton, Mountaineer and Solo Traveller
Current adventures: Gaining her TEFL (Teaching English in a Foreign Language) Qualification in Costa Rica and relaxing for a while after having just finished a mountaineering expedition in South America, climbing the tallest mountain outside Asia – Aconcagua, Argentina.
Trousers vs Leggings: Trousers
Favourite: Rab Calibre Pants
Why: “The calibre pants will survive anything: front points of
crampons, ice axes, you name it. They have an amazing amount of warmth yet are still lightweight and technical, and for me they provide the perfect balance between comfort and technicality.”

Clair Seymour, Road Cyclist and Avid Mountain Walker
Current adventures: Currently discovering mountains all over the UK in pursuit of her MTA Mountain Leader Award, with her assessment lined up for summer 2017.
Trousers vs Leggings: Trousers.
Favourite: “PJ bottoms, but not for walking… my favourite combination is a pair of Craghoppers Trousers &
Berghaus Overtrousers.”
Why: “They are stretchy, great for moving around and they dry really easily. The waterproofs over the top act as a great windstopper, especially on top of a mountain, preventing windburn.”

Becca Cronk, Climber, Mountaineer and Paddler
Current adventures: Becca is two months into the Fast Track Instructor Scheme at the National Mountain Centre, Plas y Brenin but when she’s not on the Snowdonian Hills you’ll find her at some of the local climbing walls, showing everyone how its done.
Trousers vs Leggings: “Depends on the activity but i’d much rather wear trousers for hillwalking”.
Why: “It Depends on the activity, as I would rather wear leggings for climbing and running as they’re designed for quick and dynamic movement but i’d much rather wear trousers for hillwalking as I find them more comfortable, a lot warmer and definitely more protective”.

So while brands like FjallRaven, with their Abisko Trekking Tights, and other outdoor manufacturers are answering some ladies requests for walking/trekking tights, over traditional trousers, not all women are taking up the new age of outdoor legwear. Although the inspirational women i’ve spoken to here vote for trousers, they all believe in the same ideas: comfort, safety and activity focus. Here at ProAdventure we’re excited about the new Fjallraven Karla Pro Trousers that we’ve just got in, that feature a raw length and the innovative G-1000 Fabric , making it even easier for you to find the perfect trousers and the perfect fit so you can continue your awesomeness in the great outdoors.