Staff Bio – Clive Gibney

Staff Bio – Clive Gibney

January 29, 2019 Off By Clive Gibney

As a kid I loved being outside.

As a kid I loved being outside. “I’m going out do my work” I would say to my parents. Then proceeded to dig in the sand pit for hours, or build another den. I had limited access to technology then, however as I moved into my teens that changed and my life was consumed by Gears of War and Call of Duty. 

Winding up for a boof on the Cynfal

Seven years ago I accidentally rode, or rather fell, down a mountain bike downhill trail in my local woods. When I’d reached the bottom my dads bike was in bits, chain snapped, wheels bent and the v-brakes melted. Within two weeks I had a bike with some suspension, round wheels and most importantly brakes! 
Those few minutes that it took me to reach the bottom completely redefined who I am today. With my love for the outdoors rekindled, my life had changed forever.

A Snowy day on Pen Yr Ole Wen


I now work as an outdoor instructor and raft guide in North Wales. Whilst also maintaining a part time job here in Pro Adventure. Working in the shop forces me to rest my body, Although not always the case! Like any outdoor enthusiast I love talking outdoor kit. Being through my Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor and Canoe & Kayak coaching awards has given me lots of knowledge to help customers choose the right product. 

Having been bitten by the climbing bug after a long love, hate, fall relationship I am currently working towards my MIA. Its a great excuse to go climbing right?!

A rare sunny winters day at Grinshill

To Come

My current goal is training for my own self-styled North Wales ‘Triple Crown Challenge’. Starting the day at Clogwyn Du’r Arduu I plan to climb ‘The Great Wall’ E4 6a and with me haul my bike. A ride down Rhydd Ddu will follow and the day will culminate in a lap of the Fairy Glen. (A classic kayaking class 5 test piece of water in Snowdonia)   

Bouldering on the soft sandstone at Nesscliffe

Who would be your dream dinner guest?

David Attenborough 

Did you have a childhood role model?

I have little interest in football these days as there much more superior sports (IMO). However Steven Gerrard was and still is one of the greatest role models for kids and adults like. A true leader by example.

Unfortunately I didn’t know what white water kayaking was when i was a kid or Evan Garcia would be firmly at the top of the list.

What is your favourite outdoor item?

I’m struggling to narrow it down to one item however I couldn’t go far with out my Nanopresso. Everything is easier after coffee! A special mention to Horizon socks, Paramo and my Primus ETA Solo stove.

One skill or talent that will surprise people you know?

Pretty skilled at levitating a malteser before i munch it!

If you had to survive on a tropical island what 5 items would you take from the shop?

Gransfors Scandinavian Forest Axe, Casstrom Lars Falt Knife, Wilmas Tinderbox kit, Petromax FT6 Dutch Oven, Signal Mirror