Shedding Light on the World of Headtorches

May 1, 2017 Off By Honesty Cooper

Running, walking, trekking, camping, paddling, climbing, walking the dog, finding the car, finding your keys – whatever you’re up to, its a lot easier when you shed some light on the situation.

Now, i’m no expert, but with work, training and finding myself doing many different things day by day, (and admittedly still being a little scared of the dark, even at 20-something) I need to make sure i’m always equipped, whether its finding my way around my friends bunkhouse, trail running or navigating on the hills.
My solution? Three beauties from the Petzl range!

Introducing the e+LITE – my dinky, go-to, handy head-torch which is light enough that it is usually in my jacket pocket or around my rear-view mirror, ready for action when i’m working late, grabbing things from the car, putting the bins out in the evening etc. With an extendable strap it can be a hand held or head torch, wrapped around a wrist, dog collar, legs for when you need a little more illumination on your bike or even fence posts when you’re leaving a trail for other walkers in the dark. Easy action lever on and off  with white light, red light and strobe lights too and 360° fully adjustable.
The perfect ‘handy-(wo)man’ head-torch.

Next up, the Tikka+, or now newly named the Petzl Actik. My torch with a little more beef. At 300 lumens (for you technical folk) the Tikka+/Actik gives me a lot more light compared to that of my 50 lumen e+LITE. Perfect for running (when my Reactik is out of juice),  cycling, walking and night navigation. Comfy enough to wear for long periods and powerful enough for most night adventures, it is my staple for most outings in the dark where I need hands-free light for a longer duration.

And last but definitely not least (drumroll please) the all new Petzl Reactik. Petzl’s newest member of their ‘reactive range’, which provides brightness in line with the light you’re exposed to. In basic terms – you look at your feet or run under a street light, your head-torch dims, you look out across the valley you’re running through and your head-torch brightens so you can see further. The ideal partner for running along the country lanes or trails of North Wales. The reactive lighting is said to sap the battery life a lot quicker but as long as you have your micro USB to plug in when you get home, you’re running happy and I haven’t had any issues.

There are so many head torches on the market, it can be hard to know which one to go for, especially when you’re expected to take a crash course in ‘lumens’ in an outdoor store. Hopefully my trials, errors and success help you but if not, we’re always in store to talk you through the full range of torches and hopefully enlighten you!