Review of Gerber Suspension Tool – Chipping Barracuda Giblets off my stern ladder

February 5, 2015 Off By Gabs
Old vs New

Old vs New after over 10 years of use

At ProAdventure we sell the Gerber Suspension Tool for £49.99.

I can’t remember what mine cost, but I do remember feeling very, very grown up when I got mine. I was in my 20’s living in the Caribbean working on yachts. One thing that is guaranteed about yachts is that they break. All parts of them, all the time, all over the place. I had had enough of asking the captain all the time to borrow his leatherman to tighten up a lose hinge, open a clevis pin so the mast didn’t fall down, open a beer…. the list goes on. So next time I was on a island that had a shop, I walked in and said “can I have a leatherman, Please?”. I was not aware that there were more than one kind of these mystical man tools, as every time I had been (reluctantly) handed said tool, it was a “leatherman wave”, I now learned. Being a non conformist, and also knowing that my new tool might quickly go missing if it looked similar to the rest of the crews tools, I looked at other options. I had found that when I had used a leatherman tool before as pliers, I was frustrated that they didn’t bounce back to the open position as normal pliers would do, but the suspension of the Gerber takes care of that. This is a massive plus to anyone not familiar with the handling of a multi tool or some one with a very low tolerance for faff, both me.

I have now had this tool longer than I care to mention, it has chipped dried barracuda giblets off my stern ladder, tightened up every squeaky part of every boat I’ve ever worked on, dug stones out of my boot, dug gravel out of my knee, fixed my bike brakes- many times (see knees), sawn off sticks, cut off bits, open boxes and cut up bread at a posh catering gig where I could not find a bread knife. I have abused this tool, dropped it, sunk it, never cleaned it, pried the knives and been impatient with the pliers, but it lives on! Alas the case is pants, I’ve broken loads. Gerber have posted me replacements, to be fair, as I have ripped the belt loop of them through what I consider normal wear and tear (mainly in my life- tear).  So if you plan to carry it on your belt, buy a better case for it before you reach for your hip and find a sad gap. I now just keep it in my pocket, I’m used to it living there. We do have a range of other cases in the shop that will fit this tool well.

Would I replace it if I lost it- yes. Would I recommend it, yes. To whom? Well everyone really… If you are used to multi tools then they are solid and hard to break, and if you are new to these then this is handy, intuitive and looks good too.

You Can buy your Gerber Suspension Multi Tool Here