GREEN STAR BRANDS at Pro Adventure

GREEN STAR BRANDS at Pro Adventure

February 13, 2020 Off By Clive Gibney

Everything we sell is a piece of kit we would happily use ourselves. There are however some brands that we really love, our ‘Green Star Brands.’

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What makes a Green Star Brand?

Pro Adventure have been trading for over 30 years now, but not always as a shop. We began as an outdoor company in the town of Llangollen running all kinds of activities. However a foray into mountain bike hire meant stocking bicycle parts and so began the retail shop we have today.

Needless to say throughout the years we have tested and used many products and there have always been a few standout performers. Now we want to share these truly exceptional products with you, so here’s what makes a Green Star brand.

Environmental Ethics

The first thing we look at before we decide to stock a product is its ecological credentials.

How are items packaged?

We look for items that either come un-packaged or in sustainable packaging. What you do not see in most shops is how it arrives. We have had to unpack items individually wrapped in plastic creating a mountain of plastic bags that we just can’t recycle (Neither can Maylasia for that matter). We want to cut out all that single use plastic out where possible and are also working with our current long term suppliers to try reduce the amount of packaging they use. Unfortunately it is a slow process but everyone appears to be on board.

Carbon Footprint Policy?

We like to know that manufactures are trying their best to cut down on their carbon foot print. From solar panels on offices, down to the amount of water they use. Many of these brands work hard on carbon offsetting.

Materials used?

We have cut out PFC’s in our clothing range however some items of clothing still contain plastic. What is important where it comes from. For eg. Buff use old plastic bottles to produce their buff original.


You’ve probably heard of a few white goods companies that intentionally make their products irreparable. This forces consumer to buy a new product and chuck the old one in the bin. We try to stock boots that can be re-soled when you’ve waled through your rubber soles. Or waterproofs that can be repaired when you get them caught on a barbed wire fence. That’s why we sell a range of repair products as well. Repairing items instead of buying new is both good for your pocket and the planet. However the most sustainable product is always one that is never made. Remember the advice: Reduce, Repair, Reuse & Recycle.

Longevity of the product?

If it lasts twice as long then its half the impact on our planet so a durable product is really important! Longevity is so important it has its own subheading below.

You can see our own Ethics and Environmental Statement here. Or check out all our Greener Gear here but it takes more than that to be a Green Star Product.


It goes without saying that these products need to preform. All of our Green Star Brands have been tested by a minimum 50% of our staff (There are only are 6). This means when you have questions about one of these products we can give you genuine 1st hand knowledge.

All of our staff love the outdoors, some also lead a double life and work in it too. Mountain Leaders, Climbing Instructors, Paddle Sport Coaches and Raft guides to name a few. This just lets you know that we really do test the products and don’t just wear them down to the pub (although we do that to).


Everyone involved in making a great product deserves to be paid fairly. Our Green Star Brands are made by manufactures who treat their employees fairly. Have a look at Paramo’s Fair Trade Manufacturing statement to get an idea of what we mean.


If it lasts twice as long then its half the impact on our planet so a durable product is really important!

We know our Green Star Brands our generally expensive but it is a case of getting what you pay for. However what we want you too know is that when you have invested in one of these top end products it will last! If it doesn’t have a long warranty attached to it then we have tested it ourselves and are happy it doesn’t need an extra warranty as we know it will last.

The recent introduction of the Paramo Recycling scheme has really highlighted the durability of their jackets. With the majority of the jackets we receive for recycling being 10+ years old. Not only that but many of them are still functional.

Green Star Brands

Below you will find a list of our green star products. Its a growing list so keep a lookout for new posts with news and reviews. We really can’t wait to tell you more about them!

  • Woolpower
  • Paramo
  • Tentipi
  • Gransfors
  • Fjallraven
  • Oboz
  • Klean Kanteen
  • Ooni
  • Firepot Foods