Our Low Carbon Backpacking Adventure

Our Low Carbon Backpacking Adventure

November 15, 2019 Off By Peter Carol

At ProAdventure we recognise the Climate Emergency and work both in our work and home lives to make a difference. We’re not ones to fly long haul, and this has been a deliberate choice from our environmental convictions. Our last long haul flight was for our honeymoon 22 years ago, we flew once this year to Munich for the biggest outdoor tradeshow in Europe (once there our focus was on sustainability of the products we already sell and in finding out as much as we could on the impact of any new items that we considered stocking).

A heavy weather crossing to Barra on the Isle of Arran

Anyway back to our holiday, normally we drive to somewhere in the UK for a weeks break, but with one child away with Scouting for 3 weeks and the other cooking for refugees in Greece, we had the chance for an unprecedented 3 weeks off.
After much discussion we decided on a backpacking trip to the Outer Hebrides.

Leaving the car at home in Llangollen we got the bus and trains to Oban for the ferry to Castlebay. The trains to Glasgow went without a hitch and after a couple of hours in a gallery we got the train to Oban and spent the night in a B&B to catch the morning ferry. The replacement ferry (The Isle of Arran), took about 8 hours for the crossing in some heavy weather. Due to the road equivalent tariffs the foot passenger fee is only £15.15 per person.

Not sleeping with the call of Corncrakes at Scurrival Campsite
Why visit the Blackhouse museum when you can stay at Berneray Hostel with music and laughter
3 miles of white sand beach and we saw six other people
Tarbert harbour, a stopping off point for tall ships and small cruises.
Stag and deer on the Sgaoth Horseshoe
The famous machair grows on the thin sandy coastal soil of the Outer Hebrides
The Callanish stones in a appropriately moody light.
Possibly the most luxurious hostel bathroom out there, in Stornoway.
A secret bunkhouse for two on Harris, 15 minutes walk from the bus stop.
Harris is dotted with small freshwater lakes, with lots of water lillies.
Ready to leave Stornoway for the Ullapool Ferry.