Light up the night with Feuerhand

August 22, 2017 Off By ProAdventure

When overnight camping, especially now the lighter summer evenings are coming to an end, you will still need to light up your nights for safety and security.

A campsite can seem a little lonely when you’re walking around in the darkness if the only light is coming from a small LED bulb in your headlamp. Tripping over chairs and fumbling through packs can also be a real hassle.  When it comes to active pursuits like hiking and mountain bike riding at night, headlamps are the best option though, as they are hands free and allow you to focus on your chosen activity.

But lanterns on the other hand are a crucial piece of camping gear to light your way and can make the campsite, kitchen, and tent feel more inviting. Lanterns are more conducive to camping and adventuring pursuits that involve numerous people too by providing 360 degree light, allowing many people to utilise the same source of light.

Our wide selection of lights and torches at Pro-Adventure include the colourful range of Feuerhand Baby Special 276 hurricane lanterns from Germany, which come in a choice of different colours.

The Feuerhand Baby Special 276 has a long tradition of more than 100 years and is made from galvanised steel so is quite robust and resistant to corrosion.

The coloured models have a powder-coating and the  heat-resistant  and  shockproof  glass  perfectly  protects  the  flame  from  external factors. A Feuerhand Baby lantern is 10 inches high and weighs 1.25 lbs. Its 340ml tank capacity gives it a burning duration of about 20 hours and ensures a cosy, stylish atmosphere on terraces and in gardens too.

Lanterns are also great at home for emergency preparedness or a survival kit. See the light and shop at ProAdventure.