Ledlenser torches & headlamps – the brightest of bright ideas.

January 11, 2018 Off By ProAdventure

Ledlenser produce a wide range of flashlights and headlamps unmatched anywhere in the world. At ProAdventure we stock the full Outdoor Range of Ledlenser torches that make winter camping, walking, shooting and livestock management a whole lot easier, and headlamps for winter runners to provide that extra safety element during these dark winter evenings.

Ledlenser are an international company of more than 1,500 employees with sites located in Germany, Italy, Japan, China and Switzerland. They produce an impressive range of flashlights and headlamps including focusable hand held torches, rechargeable focusable LED torches, and rechargeable focusable headlamps that are recognised as some of the best on market.

The light beam of the MT18 Ledlenser torch stretches a massive 540 metres and it lasts up to 96 hours from a full charge. At a massive 3000 Lumens it will light your way wherever you’re going. It’s environmentally friendly and comfortable to use – with modern battery technology for the shortest charging time with USB 3.0 in any situation.

The MH10 is the lightest Ledlenser head torch of its brightness levels. With 600 lumens, this headlamp can project light up to 150 meters and last up to 120 hours from a full charge. Its USB 3.0 charging system offers an international standard for comfortably charging it, and is equipped with a red tail light as well as colour filters for various different uses. It’s the ideal head lamp for hunters, fishers, hikers or anyone who is looking for extremes outside.

Ledlenser torches and headlamps are so sturdy they come with a five year warranty as standard – and seven years if you register the product.

Ledlenser’s website states: “Light from the sun takes more than eight minutes to reach the earth. We only need to press a button.” So see the light when you next need to upgrade your torch and check out the Ledlenser products at ProAdventure.