Leave No Trace – Compostable Camping and Expedition food from Firepot Foods

October 17, 2018 Off By Clive Gibney

Leave no Trace with Firepot Foods – “Delicious, nutritious, dehydrated, slow-cooked meals inspired by our travels.”

Firepot Foods are a company from Dorset which began just three years ago. They found it so difficult to find a lightweight meal that was delicious, nutritional and natural so they decided to make their own. And they did. In a barn… Three years on and they have a full range of tasty meals which offer great nutritional benefits.

So whats the big deal?


Compostable (not bio-degradable) Packaging


Firepot are the first company to introduce compostable food packaging in the expedition food industry. As outdoor enthusiasts I think its safe to say we all care about our environment. It may mean a shorter shelf life and you can’t cook the food in the bag, however, cleaning your pot after a meal is a small price to pay for completely eliminating plastic from the equation. Just throw the packet in the compost heap when you’re done and violá.


So it’s not the cheapest expedition food you will find.. I’ve decided to compare it to our most popular budget option, Wayfayrer. I’m comparing the pasta bolognese from each range.

Brand Price Weight Energy (kcal) Carbs Sugar Protein
Wayfayrer £4.00 300g 366 39g 7.2g 19.5g
Firepot £6.95 135g 635 79.7 6.6g 35.5g

(All values are per pack)

Consequently for half the weight carried you gain over double the calories, double the carbohydrates and almost double the protein. Furthermore Firepot is  free from artificial additives. Unfortunately the same can’t be said Wayfayrer. As a result I personally think the £2.95 is well worth it.

Firepot food preparation

100% Natural

Firepot use locally sourced natural food with zero additives and no palm oil! It’s just like eating a home cooked meal without the weight or cooking time. Firepot also cook and dry their food together whereas most competitors dry their food separately. Therefore the first time flavours meet is in the pouch. Here is an ingredients list for Firepot Chilli Con Carne and a competitors Chilli Con Carne.




The Conclusion

Firstly, the environmental packaging alone is enough to me make switch to Firepot meals, however when it tastes this good it’s a no brainer. Now lets end plastic together!! #fulledbyfirepot #leavenotrace