Making More Sustainable Choices for Your Camping and Outdoor Gear

November 1, 2018 Off By Clive Gibney

With the success of our newest product, Firepot compostable expedition food, I got a bit excited about the range of greener brands we stock and the direction the outdoor industry is taking. Here our some of our favourite leave no trace products and brands.

Anything you buy on this list will have an extremely low or positive effect on the environment. Many of them make large donations to environmental charities, don’t use any plastic in production or products and even power their offices with renewable electricity.

Firepot Foods

I’ll start with our newest and my favourite. Firepot Foods.

Firepot foods in Compostable packaging

“delicious, nutritious, dehydrated slow-cooked meals inspired by our travels”

Firepot Foods are a company from Dorset that began just three years ago. They found it so difficult to find a lightweight meal that was delicious, nutritional and natural they decided to make their own. So they did, in a barn. Three years later they have a full range of tasty meals that offer great nutritional benefits.

The Packets will fully decompose in one year however the process well be sped up if subjected to microbes, such as garden compost bin.

Klean Kanteen

If you want a bottle that’s going to last as long as you and give a bit back to the environment at the same time then look no further. Klean Kanteen have donated over $1.2Million to charities that aim to protect our world. All of the stock we receive come delivered in 100% degradable packaging. This is something consumer’s don’t get to see, but they have thought about sustainability in every way.

Klean Kanteen bottles with plastic and bamboo lids.


If you buy a Woolpower garment you can be guaranteed that the wool has been sourced ethically. From yarn to the plastic free packaging they are delivered in, Woolpower products are made exclusively Östersund in Sweden.

Every woolpower garment is made and hand finished in the factory in Ostersund

Every woolpower garment is made and hand finished in the factory in Ostersund

Tilley Hats

They don’t have a Sustainability page to shout about their impact on the environment, however every Tilley Hat built to last! With a lifetime guarantee you can be sure your Tilley hat is going to last you well. They are delivered to us without plastic, and many of the cotton hats use organic cotton, so with the exception of travel they leave very little lasting impact on the earth.

Maier Sports Clothing

All our Maier Clothing is PFC free, Maier Sports are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and a founder of Mission Clean Function (in 2012). The Mission drives forward our objective to protect nature and the environment in a sustainable way and enables us to assume our social and sustainable responsibility.

Canoeist wearing a Tilley Hat on Expedition


My personal favourite for clothes that keep you dry and they love the environment! There’s a lot to talk about here as Paramo do so much for people and the environment so I’ll break down.

Fair Trade Manufacturing

Miquelina is the factory that produce most of Paramo’s garments. They were founded in 77 and in 92 Paramo made contact, since then they have worked together to create something special. In 2017 after 25 years of partnership Miquelina they attained guaranteed Fair Trade status.

The Profits from the factory are reinvested in equipment but significant donations are also made to schools, training facilities and a housing cooperative.

PFC Free!!

PFC’s are a family of chemicals with water and oil repellent properties making them very useful for waterproofing clothes. However they are extremely damaging to environment as they don’t breakdown, they have been found as far artic regions and high mountain ranges. Paramo is now guaranteed PFC free.


Enviromental Conservation

Paramo work with the World Land Trust and make significant donations to help the conservation of threatened eco systems. They have also been monitoring their emissions since 2007 to ensure that they remain carbon neutral by donating to WLT’s Carbon Balanced Programme. Funds are used to regenerate damaged areas and prevent further deforestation. Nick Brown, founder of Paramo, is also the Vice President of The European Outdoor Conservation Association, cooperating with other business to help spread the conservation message.

Paramo Velez Evolution in the Snow


“Everything we do has an impact on the environment around us and the people and animals that inhabit it. As an outdoor company, we’re acutely aware of this impact and we do our utmost to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible.”

Sustainability comes first at Fjallraven. Everything they design and produce is ethically considered and if it cant be done in a sustainable way its just not done. Like Paramo they are completely PFC free and use organic or recycled material’s where possible. If you don’t mind paying a bit extra go for the Eco G-100, made from recycled material’s and organic cotton. Finally everything is designed to last, the longer you use your garment they less impact on the environment you will have. It does get sent out in a plastic bag but one Fjallraven garment should last you

Trekking by a river in Fjallraven clothing


For every pair you buy is a tree planted. Every pair that doesn’t get sold is donated to a 3rd world charity. Their HQ is also run on 100% of wind energy which is pretty awesome. All the material’s they use are checked to ensure they meet both economical and social compliance.

RAB & Lowe Alpine

Unlike Paramo and Fjallraven, Rab are not PFC free however they are committed to becoming PFC free by 2020. They also follow the Responsible Down Standard which ensures that the feathers come from birds who’s welfare has been protected.


Nikwax is still owned by its founder. Nick Brown is an outdoor enthusiast and like all of once to protect what we love so dearly. Nikwax constantly monitor the chemicals the use and possible impacts on the environment. Nikwax share all of their environmental performance data online.

Tentipi Nordic Tipi Tents

TenTiPi (like most Swedish brands) are always striving to provide first class products with sustainability in mind. TentTiPi have proved that their tents last for many years and are easily repairable. Why buy three or four tents in a life time when you can have one.

Gransfors Bruks

Another product made to last. If you take care of your Gransfors axe it will last a life time and preform better than anything you will find at your local hardware store. We have many professional customer who will use nothing else!

four Gransofrs forest axe displayed on a log


What ever we buy will have some impact on the planet. However if we consider more carefully what we buy can make a huge difference. One Klean Kanteen bottle will last a life time which is a stark contrast to a plastic bottle that would cost a few quid. If we all strive to leave no trace on this planet maybe just maybe there is hope for the future.




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