Get a Fix and Get Woolpower – Expert Review

Get a Fix and Get Woolpower – Expert Review

January 30, 2019 Off By Clive Gibney

At ProAdventure we aim to provide you, the Adventurer, with some of the best kit available. Some of these products are unsung heroes and we need help and honest assessments to spread the word. We have picked people with vast experience of leading and instructing in the Outdoor Industry to check out and review selected products for us.

Leo Hoare level 5 kayak coach
Wool Power under a Sweet drysuit. Thats how to go sea kayaking in Wales

For Woolpower Thermal underwear we went to Leo Hoare, founder of outdoor company Getafix. Getafix specialise in training Canoe and Kayak coaches and leaders, training basic and advanced outdoor first aid and running expeditions. We got hold of a set of kit for Leo just before he headed off to the Alps for a few weeks camping and skiing. On his return he was running coach education (standing on the bank in biting winds in Welsh January weather and coaching sea kayak leaders on a cold Welsh coast). Here’s Leo’s review, pretty much as he wrote it.

Getafix coaching logo
Getafix coaching are based in chilly North Wales

Leo’s Woolpower Review

Well Pete. I’ve been donned in the Wool power outfit nearly every day for over a month now and it’s fair to say that I am in a very good position to tell you whether it works or not. 

Swimming around in icy conditions with it under my dry suit. Skiing in minus 10 white-outs. Two weeks camping high in the Alps and mountain biking in wild wet Wales.  I’ve practically lived in them day and night.

First Thoughts and Throw Backs

When I first received my Woolpower 200g thermal top, socks and bottoms and 400g full zip fleece I thought they may have the feel of the brand new school jumper my mum forced me to wear… For the first few days until i conveniently lost it. (I didn’t have the courage to tell her it was too itchy). But Woolpower actually feels like I’m in a super-soft skin-tight onesie made from terry towelling, like the socks. I think you have to be an age to remember these gems. If you’re lucky enough to be too young, just think baby Golden Retrievers (if you know, you know).

Where Does it Come Unstuck?

Velcro!!! Woolpower does not like velcro! But now you know that does it even matter? Just don’t put it in the washing machine with velcro. On that note it washes very well and can be washed up to 60 degrees. Although not sure why you would need to do that!

Is There Such a Thing as Too Warm??

For some activities wool power is just too warm – like mountain biking, never again! The light weight (200g) thermal top was what I stripped back too for skiing but even then i was too hot. However I should be reminded of the thermals I used to wear. Spending time thinking “I wish I’d tried harder at school” freezing my arse off on the river bank and barking feedback over 30mph winds.

The combination of Woolpower a 200g Crew with 400g zip crew on top, Woolpower bottoms and socks is the warmest I’ve been for years. It made me question why I hadn’t revised my attire sooner? Clearly I’m a fan, but then who likes suffering? I’m Sea paddling all next week and deep sea rescues are on the menu. Normally in January I’d have my reservations but now I’ve finally found the right kit I’m actually looking forward to it. I will of course have my drysuit on over the top.

“Not sure that is a review, more of a report back to you but I’ve been very honest.  The thermals are the dogs danglies.”

Woolpower logo

What Are You Waiting For?

We think that’s a pretty honest review from a man who is not known for mincing his words!

Woolpower is made in Sweden and every garment proudly carries the name of the person who sewed the Ullfrotte woven tubes into the garments which have been keeping Scandinavians (including the Norwegian and Swedish military) warm in the coldest weather conditions for years.

If you think Woolpower will work for you, then pop into the ProAdventure Shop for a browse and a try on, or order online from our Woolpower Selection. If you’re unsure just try the socks, You won’t regret it.

Woolpower crewneck 200 unisex thermal top

Want to improve you paddling skills?

Get a Fix are on of the biggest outdoor training providers in Wales and specialise in paddlesports and first aid.