Embrace the Elements in a Tentipi

December 22, 2015 Off By ProAdventure

The Nordic Sami kåta and the Native American teepee are in principle the same design for living close to nature. The nomadic Sami people of northern Scandinavia, in developing the cone-shaped frame of wooden poles covered with animal hide, had a wind-resistant shelter that was both portable and easy to keep warm.

An internal fire created warmth and the animal hides kept it in. The cooking and smoking of food, and drying clothes could all be done inside and because the kåta weighed very little in relation to its size, it was the perfect solution for their nomadic lifestyle.


Tentipi Nordic tipis are based upon the traditional design principles of the Sami kåta, coupled with innovative new design, and the latest materials and construction techniques. ‘Embrace the elements’ is the Tentipi corporate slogan and no other tents can make you as one with nature. At the same time, it protects you from the elements better than any other tent can do.

Tentipi Nordic tipis are light, spacious, reliable and versatile, making outdoor adventures enjoyable and comfortable — and the inner-tent protects from insects, snakes and other small ground animals and unwelcome visitors. For Tentipi, the element of earth represents the pleasure of having a warm, safe and cosy home, suited to all types of climate and weather.

The Nordic tipi design makes them secure in high winds and no other tent handles smoke and heat as well as Tentipi Nordic tipis do with their ingenious ventilation system. Airflow is regulated from inside the tent with the help of the In-Tent Vent™ system, offering a place where people can get together, where a fire burns nicely, and where ventilation can be easily adjusted. The quality achieved through the choice of materials and design features means that Tentipi tents can also withstand storms in a way that is quite unique.

Tentipi Nordic tipis are superior to any other tent when it comes to dealing with water. A Nordic tipi is always warm and cosy and the heat of the fire or stove can dry out wet clothes. Condensation on the inside of tent fabric is usually caused by exhaled air and wet clothing, but the internal fire replaces the raw air with a comfortable warmth.

Tentipi fastenings allow you to use accessories like a drying rail, and the floor and inner tent have been designed to easily cope with water in all its different forms — ground damp, damp exhaled air and condensation.

Fire is the single most important factor for survival and the ability to safely have a fire inside a tent is what Tentipi designers have strived for. In Tentipi’s Nordic tipis, fire is in its proper place — close to people and under strict control. This is a unique feature not found in any other type of tent and brings the people living in the tent into close contact with the cultural heritage of our ancestors.

The Hekla fire box handles all the challenges of fire-making in an elegant way and it also gives off more light and makes cooking over an open fire easier. The Eldfell stove is even more efficient in that the supply of air can be reduced by using its damper which means that less warm air is lost from the Nordic tipi. Moreover, the tent is kept completely free of smoke thanks to the smoke chimney.

(However, Tentipi and ProAdventure always stress the importance of someone watching fires. Never leave a burning fire unattended in a Nordic tipi. But if you make your fire in a Hekla fire box, the fire can easily be carried out and extinguished.)

With the comfort an open fire provides inside the tent, outdoor adventures become a truly secure, pleasant and cosy experience — even in harsh weather. If you want to experience outdoors and Embrace the Elements this winter — albeit in extreme comfort — ProAdventure stock a variety of Tentipi styles and sizes.