Customer Stories – Dr Thomas Giles #myadventurestory Birds and Sand Marathons

January 29, 2015 Off By Peter Carol

My name is Doctor Thomas Giles and this is My Adventure Story

I was born in Birmingham but now work as a hospital Consultant in Liverpool. I have always worked hard but I have also been passionate about my activities outside work. For many years I have been devoted to bird watching. Long days are spent walking around gravel pits, coastal marshes and headlands scanning for anything of interest.

Dr Thomas Giles at the Marathon Des Sables

I have found rare birds, such as Lesser Scaup (from America) and Citrine Wagtail (from Russia), as well as contributing to the scientific study of  birds through the British Trust for Ornithology. As I turned 40, ten years ago, I attended a lecture by polar explorer Dr Mike Stroud. This enthused me to also pursue more active ventures. I began a journey to find my physical limits. Since then I have undertaken numerous challenges. Marathons became training for the ultra distance runs and walks that I entered. My greatest achievements have been completing the Marathon des Sables (150 miles, 7 days), Marathon of Britain (175 miles, 6 days), Brathay Windermere 10 in 10 (262 miles, 10 days), Sandstone Trail race (33 miles, 10 hours), Wenlock Olympic Walk ( 52 miles, 20 hours) and Bullock Smithy hike (56 miles, 23 hours). I have also failed some events but I never give up. Each failure is a lesson which allows me to build to future success.