Can’t get enough Buff a dozen new ways to use your Buff, by Gabs #mygearstory

February 6, 2015 Off By Gabs
Post Swim Buff

Post Swim Buff

Everyone has had a moment with their Buff where they have said “how is this so simple and yet always so perfect?” while looking at a 50g bit of fabric that has once again saved the day.

The Original Buff retails at ProAdventure for 15 quid. Named a Buff, from the Spanish for scarf ‘bufanda’, it’s a tube created through a unique knitting process that makes a stretchy fabric tube without seams. Mine is about 45cm long and 25cm wide. They are brightly coloured and impossibly useful. They are all made at the Buff factory in Spain.

There are other products out there that are like a Buff, but they just don’t cut it for me, they have seams, or are itchy, or are too short or too tight or yuck patterns. Buffs are the only choice. They are made from polyester like others might be, but they seem to have some magic property that makes them get better and better. They are a “technical” fabric so will wick sweat from your skin. When first bought they are a bit synthetic feeling, but after a bit of abuse and a few washes they are soft, familiar and, well …. broken in. Then let the good times roll.

I get a slight panicky feeling when I know I have left home without one. I have two of the original ones and one of the merino ones. There are videos online with the Buff man – who can tell you in his practised patter all about how to wear the scarf as a head band, wrist band, pirate scarf, beanie hat, neck scarf and a balaclava. All very lovely, all very easy to do, well done Buff. However mine and I have been on a few adventures.

I lost one once when I used it to hold a dressing onto a man’s head wound after he spread himself up and down a tree coming off his mountain bike, I could not seem to find a good time handing over to the paramedics to ask for it back!

I have used 3 together in a 3 way loop to make a harness for a dog that had an old spinal injury but still wanted to come and play with us up Cadir Idris. We had one through each back leg held together with one more to use as a handle to lift his hind end slightly up large steps.

I have used mine to filter coffee when I have remembered coffee, hot water and cups, but left the coffee pot elsewhere.

I am a swimming guide in my other life when not working at ProAdventure, and use one under my wetsuit around my neck to stop it rubbing.

I have used mine to keep my skin wet when having a massive reaction to a Lions Mane Jellyfish sting.

My Spaniel has worn mine on her head to keep her wet ears from spreading water, muck and filth around my van as well as to get her warm after a too long, too wet, too cold, bit lost walk. (Actual dog Buffs are available but I let her share.)

Warm up your dog with a buff

Warm up your dog with a buff

I have tied the end and used it as a bag to collect berries, or to keep small items safe or separate in a bag.

If you are brave and small enough – less than a size 12 – you can pull it over your head, and stretch it over your shoulders and wear it as a bikini top. First time you might think you may never get out of it again, but eventually you get the hang of it. It will have stretched out a bit but will bounce back.

Using your buff as a bikini

Using your buff as a bikini

2 looped together make a sling for a poorly arm.

There is chicken farm on my running loop so I pull it over my mouth and nose to try and tamper my gag reflex at the smell.

I have used it as a blindfold for sleep on planes or sneaky naps.

I like to wear it under my bike helmet on windy days to prevent frosty ears.

No flannel, no problem, wash you, wash your Buff.

I have just been informed too, that if you look up “hair band curls” on Youtube, this is a Buff-compatible hairstyle.

To care for my Buff, I ignore it, forget it’s in my bag, and sometimes wash it. It gets bunged in with anything, some times boiled, some times in with wool, handwashed if it’s gross and I need it before laundry day. Because they are polyester they dry super fast. I have spread mine out on the dash on the way to work and let air from the windscreen blower dry it to hide an unplanned and unusually bad hair day. They dry mega fast.

Buff have other Buffs, but start with the original, love it, use it and then see if you need more warmth from  the polar one, or you have a small noggin so need a slim fit ladies one, or you are in fact a dog and need a dog one…

My test of gear is, if I lose it will I replace it? Hell, the idea of losing it gives me chest pains: I am pretty sure that with a Buff and a roll of duct tape I could survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

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