All about working at height

February 13, 2016 Off By Peter Carol

I have spent the last couple of days at the Lyon Equipment training centre in Tebay, learning all about ropework and equipment for working at height.

During the course we looked at different systems and equipment for restraint, positioning and fall arrest for industrial rope access, tree surgery and police and military access techniques.

Theory included, the health and safety at work act, work at height regulations and the LOLER lifting regulations.

I also got to try out the ID, ASAP, Zig Zag and several other pieces of Petzl climbing, fall arrest and positioning devices.

Tree climbing equipment from Petzl

Tree climbing equipment from Petzl including the Zig-Zag mechanical prussik and Zillon positioning and restraint device.


Working at Height training mast at Lyon Equipment, Tebay


Police and Military access at height equipment from Petal

Working at height equipment

This Climber is using a Petzl iD Industrial Descender, ASAP fall arrester and a Grillon for positioning

Other elements of the course included a demonstration of breaking nylon slings without damage, with damage and with some abrasion (fluffing). Do you know which would break at the lowest load?

We will soon be able to offer our customers the full range of Lyon, Beal and Petzl work and rescue equipment for sale. Please ask for me in the shop or on the phone.