13 Bushcraft Christmas Gift Ideas

13 Bushcraft Christmas Gift Ideas

December 6, 2018 Off By Clive Gibney

Find the perfect Bushcraft Christmas gift ideas. Even if you think your favourite bushcrafter has everything you should find something here they will love.

Bushcraft Knives

From delicate carving knives like the Karesuando Uraka to workhorses such as the Casstrom Lars Fält signature knife, you’ll find what you need.

Casstrom Alan Wood Safari Knife

All of the knives we sell are knives we would be happy to use including the Whitby HK330 and Mora Companion. Both of which are sub £20!!! Take a look at our knife buying guide for more info, or give us a call for some advice.

Bushcraft Knives – Choosing the best knife for you

Hultafors Forsberg £18.95

The Ultimate tool for the bushcrafter who has everything! Its a seat, its a tool, its body armour.

Bushcraft Axes

By the time you have read this you might already be too late to get your hands on a Gransfors bushcraft axe. We just can’t keep hold of them! From £85.95

We  stock everything from small Bushcraft Axes to  fully fledged carving axes to show stopping splitters and mauls. The prettiest axe we have however has got to be the carving axe from Karesuando. If you want to get a loved one an axe for Christmas you will need to hurry!


Hultafors are no longer a budget option either. There is little to choose between the two, in fact the Hultafors Agelsjon is one of my favourites! Have a look at our recent axe buying guide if you need more info.

Reflector oven £55

Our friend, author, blogger and expert outdoor cook Tim Gent loves his Svante Freden oven. Have a read of his blog post on the oven to see what it can really do.


Petromax Dutch Ovens and Frying Pans

German made and made to last. Petromax do a range of cooking equipment designed to be used over the fire. You only need buy it once and your kids and grand kids will thank you for it.

Bake, fry, roast or stew. You can literally do everything with a dutch oven. The lid can also be used a frying pan. Its perfect for that base camp set up. Dutch Ovens from £30.99 and cast iron pans from £25.99

Netherton Foundry Frying Pans

This lot are made in Shropshire but again you’re buying a family heirloom not just a pan. Netherton Foundry pans are spun cast Iron offering all the properties of a wrought iron pan at a 1/3 of the weight. They are the choice of many Michelin starred chefs, so Bushcraft cooks should be pretty happy with this one!


They also make casserole smoker sets and wood fired garden hobs.

Other mentions. Just click to see more.

Knife Dangler £19.99

Reindeer whistle

Kuksa ( £18.94 – £47.50)

Axe Loop £12.95

Over Strike Guard £12.95

Wilmas Tinder Box £34.95